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Whether your application requires the acquisition and evaluation of sensor data at high dynamics and harsh environments - or you are looking for the necessary insight to capture the system state. We help you find a solution quickly and easily with our sensors and development tools.

Discover our comprehensive range of sensors and development tools


Accurate tilt detection is challenging, especially in the case of vibrations. We offer inclination sensors with very good short- or long-term stability for the most important specifications of the measurement. Contact us to find out more about the latest series.

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Acceleration sensors

A common method of determining inclination is to integrate the output of a gyroscope. Our comprehensive portfolio includes accelerometers that can be used to minimize errors related to zero bias stability.

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Gyroscopes reliably detect and measure the angular rate of an object under complex and difficult operating conditions. Our portfolio for measuring rotation (°/s) includes products with digital output and low drift. Use our expertise to speed up your next design.

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To trigger a maintenance operation at the right time, measuring the vibration spectrum provides the most information about the origin of a problem in a rotating machine (motor, generator, etc.). Take a look at the latest generation.

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Inertial Measurement Unit/OpenIMU

For OpenIMUs, we offer factory-calibrated sensors on a multi-axis combination with multiple degrees of freedom. Together with our software partner Nordic Inertial, you can develop a solution in a very short time, even in highly complex applications. Contact us to know more about our platform MoveIT.

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To get great results of inertia requires a good sensor and good algorithms. Together with our partner Nordic Inertial who provides a library of different filters and configurations we can find quick solutions. Looking for more details?

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